Break Out of Semi-Containment? The Swiss Strategy by Alain Berset: “Agir aussi vite que possible, mais aussi lentement que nécessaire.”

_ “Act as quickly as possible, but as slowly as necessary.” – Alain Berset _

My understanding of: “Semi-containment” and “Working-remotely”, focusing on my putting game, with love, Geneva, Ziolele

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Keep Contained and Have an Amazing LEGS Day! Downtown, Geneva

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My understanding of: “Semi-containment” and “Working remotely”, take care with a lot of love and a “LEGSFIE”, Geneva, ZioLele

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Ready to Kiss the Most Popular 2019 LEGS Goodbye? Q2: April, May and June

_ June: “Heat Wave!” _

_ May: “LEGS “Off the Wheels” | On Your Marks!” _

_ April: “Photographer at Work.” _